Free Lancers is a sci-fi setting using a blend of d20 modern and Star Wars SAGA edition. The feel of the game that I am looking for is the outlaw and frontier grit of Serenity and use the corporate espionage of shadow run.

In this altered future, business controls the known galaxy and funds the expeditions into new uncharted territory. Earth is the only neutral “unowned” planet serving as the capitol for the human home system. Earth developed to the point that no natural habitat remained. All life on the planet is artificially maintained.

The main feature of the capitol is the Galactic Human Resources building. This board makes up the closest thing to a government for the people. It’s members are selected from each of the companies and enact public policy. They also govern the peace keeping force proved and provisioned by each of the companies.

Each company controls two planets they are as follows: Trask Corp. controls Mercury and Venus Steele-Pearl controls Pluto and Saturn Krikman Inc. controls Jupiter and Mars Bowtech controls Uranus and Neptune

Free Lancers